Yehh moda *********..Yankees Champions…

Jajjajaj yehh u ******* HATERS..uhh….how ABout now ******* RedSox ************* All Yall Niggaszz…Cuzz the Yankees r the 09 Champions..i Just Wana Sayy dat..aLL Dose Haterszz Dat hated on A-Rod..Dat he Used Steriods nd ****..jajaja..Guess What..Hee forgot AbouT DAT ****..Cusz hes a ******* cHAMPION..Jajaja…yehhh Bitchesz.. We ******* CHampions..27..jjaaja yehh…WHERE U at Moo ******* HATERS..Huhh…u Wackk *** Niggaszzz….yesz..i wanted Dis 2 Happen..Noww da Haters Can Shut da ***** upp…jajaj..Moda *********…

                                                  ****** U Haterz..Cusz Were da ******** Champions..


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